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We have discontinued our service in 2020. Orders are no longer possible.

Yagendoo Summer Sale!New modules, improvements, and more

As you already may have noticed it has been very quiet in the social media channels of the Yagendoo Media GmbH in the past. We have consciously decided to withdraw ourselves in order to finish a couple of internal restructurings. In this course we have analysed and optimized our own website. Thereby we acted true to the motto "Less is more", reduced and optimized different areas to provide you a clear and easy to understand website.
The implementation of a new forum, revising the category and product pages, the optimization of the order process, the improvement of the account views and many other parts count to these improvements!

Joomla! modules new created and revised

Furthermore we have performed large changes in our modules. Some modules have been revised and structured new completely, some have been merged and others are completely new developed. Thereby we focused on the usability, the flexibility for you and an optimization for mobile devices.

Power Items – Joomla! module

The "Power Items - Joomla! module" combines the previous modules "Top products", "Random products", "Showcase products", "Latest products" und "Featured products" in a single module. Through the central administration of the settings it is easier for you to maintain and vary the contents.
You can select the different product types comfortably by click and display them in different preset layouts.

Details Demo

Power Categories – Joomla! module

The "Power Categories - Joomla! module" combines the previous modules "Category list", "Category accordion", "Category dropdown" und "Category image" in a single module. Through the central administration of the settings it is easier for you to maintain and vary the contents.
You can make the selection of the categories comfortably by click and display them in different preset layouts.

Details Demo

Power Slideshow – Joomla! module

The "Power Slideshow - Joomla! module" provides the same options as the previous "Product presenter" on the one hand. On the other hand it is also possible to show Joomla! articles, videos, images and more.
In this powerful module you have the opportunity to create multiple slides with different contents, to edit them afterwards and to select an individual order. Even folders and categories can be read out automatically.

Details Demo

Power Shopping Cart – Joomla! module

The "Power Shopping Cart - Joomla! module" is a revised version of the previous "Ajax Image Cart" module. Using this module you can display the shopping cart anywhere on your website.
Thereby you can select from multiple layouts with different effects.

Details Demo

Power Countdown, Uhr & Timer – Joomla! module

The brand new "Power Countdown, Clock & Timer - Joomla! module" provides you the opportunity to show a countdown, timer or a clock on your website.
You can even define national holidays and holidays yourself and display the output in different layouts.

Details Demo

Power Support & Business Hours – Joomla! module

With the newly developed "Power Support & Business Hours - Joomla! module" you can show your customers the business hours as well as the status of your availability. If you are currently not available the module automatically shows when you will be back available again.
The output can be adjusted with custom HTML and displayed in different layouts.

Details Demo

Simple Teaser – Joomla! module

The new released "Simple Teaser - Joomla! module" allows you to display different elements in a beautiful layout on any module position. The output can be displayed in different layouts as, for example, with an overlay on an image or a fullwidth view.
Thereby different elements can be adapted and selected flexible.

Details Demo

Simple Quotes – Joomla! module

The "Simple Quotes - Joomla! module" has been developed new and provides you the possibility to display Joomla! articles which you want to highlight.
These articles will be shown appealing with text and image as a quote.

Details Demo

Power Reviews – Joomla! module

With the new "Power Reviews - Joomla! module" you can display submitted customer reviews selected by different criteria. Thereby you can select between the latest, best, random reviews or reviews with a minimum rating.

Details Demo

Simple Ticker – Joomla! module

With the new "Simple Ticker - Joomla! module" you can output text, images or custom HTML as a ticker format. You can determine the speed or direction in which the content moves yourself.
Also the frequence and the layout can be adjusted individually.

Details Demo

Other changes

"Mobile Detection" and "Kunena Solved" plugin

From now on you find the plugins "Yagendoo Mobile Detection" and "Yagendoo Kunena Solved" directly browsing the shop categories as our other products instead of having to browse the blog laborious:

Mobile Detection - Joomla! Plugin Kunena Solved - Joomla! Plugin

Marketing & SEO Suite - Joomla! Component

The "Marketing & SEO Suite - Joomla! Component" has been optimized and improved in many parts. A lot of bugs were fixed and the background structure has been revised. Furthermore we have added new connections for the following components:

  • K2
  • B2JContacts
  • JEvents
  • JoomShopping

Details Demo

Updating the Yagendoo products

In order to always keep our products up to date you do not need any additional extension as the "Yagendoo eCommerce Suite" anymore. The updates are directly shown in the Joomla! update manager and the dashboard in the administration area as soon as they have been released.

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