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Joomla! Downloads for Joomla! 3

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Here you can find numerous Joomla! Premium Downloads for Joomla! 3. Apart from Joomla! Templates (designs for Joomla!) and Joomla! Extensions (function upgrade for Joomla!), you will also find Joomla! Templates and Extensions with specific functions for very well-known Joomla! Extensions such as Virtuemart, JoomShopping, Easyblog or Phocadownloads.

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Some reviews from our customers.
We have buyed this theme just a couple off days after releasing. As always we are a bit early adapters. We really like to work wih the Yagendoo products. Even when when you need support the team of Yannick is willing to help you. After some testing there where some minor issue's with the theme and modules. Most of the time the issue's are solved and updated in a fix within 24 Hours frame Please continue the good work and service. Marco Versluis Mood LedLight / Event LedLight - the Netherlands
Power Reviews - Joomla! Module
Good idea for this module Good idea for this module Good idea for this module Good idea for this module Good idea for this module
Marketing & SEO Suite for Joomla!
Klappt Super...eine echte Bereicherung. Empfehlung für alle, die vernünftige Suchmaschinentaugliche Links für Virtuemart suchen!
Power Reviews - Joomla! Module
thanks for this great module.thanks for this great module.thanks for this great module.thanks for this great module.thanks for this great module.thanks for this great module.thanks for this great module.
Thanks for great Browse page it looks absolutely amazing!!!! Moreover, this is the fastest customer service I've ever had well impressed...
Power Items - Joomla! Module
Das Featured Products Modul sollte sich optisch an das gesammte Layout anpassen, dann wäre es perfekt.
Premium support hour
The customer support and customer service that Yannick offers is second to none. I bought VaMazing with the install package, it was installed virtually immediately, I also wanted a couple of minor tweaks doing and these were done straight away. Excellent communication, I would highly recommend Yagendoo.
Nick Porter
i recommended it to all , the best solution for virtual mart themes. quick support.bravo to yagendoo team.
Great looking theme, very easy to install and great support ;) I recommend this theme and yagendoo in general.
Good stuff - keep up the good design and user experience in the shopping world
Yagendoo Media GmbH implemented the technical part of our online shop psy7.com and we are more than happy with it. Even under difficult conditions for the developers, the desired service was always provided and, in addition, the support offered went above and beyond what would normally be expected.

A Photoshop database was prepared for Joomla/VirtueMart and integrated. A variety of modules, interfaces and extensions were built from the ground up or seamlessly integrated, as well as adapted to our individual needs.

We received patient help throughout our ups and downs, and assistance and complete solutions were provided even outside of normal hours. The team even got to grips with new topic areas quickly and good results were delivered.

The first version of our shop was based on an earlier version of VirtueMart. Those familiar with the industry always had trouble believing this as the professionalism of the site contradicted VirtueMart's reputation for lack of sophistication at the time.

The cooperation with Yagendoo contributed considerably to our success. In summary, we would gladly recommend Mr Spang's team, and hope the next joint project is a successful one!
Power Categories - Joomla! Module
I searched for a lot of menus and this is the first one that gave me no problems at all. I just works well and is beautiful. Thank you for a superb product.