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Joomla! Module Yagendoo Power Shopping Cart

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Power Shopping Cart - Joomla! Module For Joomla!, Virtuemart & JoomShopping

4.92/5 by 12 Votes

This Joomla! module is a strongly improved shopping cart module for Virtuemart and JoomShopping and also convinces with the following advantages and features.

  • Output possible as a superimposed sidebar, flyout, dropdown or statically.
  • Shopping cart updates without having to reload the website.
  • Activate/deactivate shipping and tax information.
  • Optimized for mobile devices & computers. Fully responsive!
  • Seamlessly integrable in the design of your website.
  • Simple installation, operating and top support.
Power Shopping Cart - Joomla! Module

Product images

Get a first impression of the product before getting started. The following screenshots will show you a few of the settings and design variations of the product.

Main features.

The Yagendoo "Power Shopping Cart" Joomla! module allows you to display a shopping cart for your Virtuemart & JoomShopping anywhere on your website – completely without programming knowledge.

  • Modern & practical layouts Output possible as an overlay sidebar at the edge of the website, as a fly-out flyout and drop-down, or as a simple list on a module position.
  • Instant Ajax update Products are added to the cart and displayed immediately without reloading the website.
  • Shipping and tax information Optional output of shipping and sales tax information to inform your customers and to comply with the legal regulations of some countries.
  • Preferred alignment Determine the alignment of the module itself or of the products and elements in the shopping basket.
  • Activate/deactivate elements Determine which elements in the module you want to display. Not relevant elements can be deactivated with just one click.
  • Design fully customizable Seamlessly integrate the module into your website design by customizing it via the Customizer or a custom CSS.
  • Display where and when you want Display the module at any number of module positions or in content and determine the time of the output to the second.
  • Overview of administration area You always see only the setting parameters that are relevant for the selected layout and use.

This was just a teaser. Scroll down for more details on the range of functions of the Yagendoo "Power Shopping Cart" Joomla! module.

Determine the output effect

With the Yagendoo "Power Shopping Cart" Joomla! module, you can display the shopping cart for Virtuemart & JoomShopping in 4 different variants with or without effects.

Canvas Demo | Power Shopping Cart – Joomla! Module

Let the shopping cart slide across the website from the left or right with the canvas effect. The shopping cart then overlays the entire website with a half-transparent color overlay, displays the cart content in it, and takes on the entire height of the website. Example: Canvas

Flyout Demo | Power Shopping Cart – Joomla! Module

Drop the shopping basket down with the flyout effect. The shopping cart content overlays the underlying content of the website. The effect is very good for use in the header or a sidebar of the website. Example: Flyout

Dropdown Demo | Power Shopping Cart – Joomla! Module

Let the basket drop down with the drop-down effect. The content of your shopping cart pushes the underlying content of the website downward for it to be displayed. The effect is very suitable for use in a sidebar of the site. Example: Dropdown

Plain Demo | Power Shopping Cart – Joomla! Module

Show the basket without effect. If the shopping basket is empty, a corresponding notification is displayed. And as soon as a product is added to the shopping cart, the shopping cart content is displayed. This variant is only suitable for use in the sidebars, but not for the header of the website. Example: Plain

Full control over all elements.

In the settings for the administration area, you can select exactly which elements are displayed or not.

All elements that are not necessarily relevant to your customers are simply activated or deactivated with just a few clicks.

You can also display tax and shipping information that is legally required in some countries. The display format can be selected from 12 templates and a Joomla! article, which contains information about the shipping costs and is displayed in a lightbox or on a new subpage.

You always have full control over the output and can fully customize it. The settings on the screenshot are an example - there are a lot more.

Screenshot: Display Settings | Power Shopping Cart – Joomla! Module

Be ultraflexible with the output.

The matching, dynamic output of information increases your success. That is why you can easily adjust when, where, and what you want to display in the module settings.

Output on module positions and in content

Place the module on the module positions of your template, load it into a Joomla! article or into another Joomla! extension that allows the loading of modules in the own content.

Screenshot: Settings for output on module positions and in Joomla! content | Power Shopping Cart – Joomla! Module

Time-controlled output

You can determine from when to when the module is shown in the selected places to the second by entering the date and time and thus perfectly match them to your marketing strategy.

Screenshot: Settings for time-controlled output  | Power Shopping Cart – Joomla! Module

Output based on user groups

Choose whether you want to display the module only for your website's guests or for certain Joomla! user groups. In combination with the specification of a customer group, you can granularly determine who gets see which items.

Screenshot: Settings for user groups | Power Shopping Cart – Joomla! Module

Seamless integration in your website design

Due to the strict use of the bootstrap framework and other smart design functions, the module will seamlessly embed into your design.

Simple design customizer

You can customize the module design with the integrated Design Customizer in just a few mouse clicks – completely without programming knowledge.

You can adjust the color, size, spaces, and frames of diverse elements via the Colorpicker and other parameters in the administration area and thus change the looks of one or more module entities according to your needs and to match your website.

Screenshot: Customizer Settings | Power Shopping Cart – Joomla! Module

Adjusts to your Joomla! template

By using the Bootstrap framework, on which Joomla! builds itself, it is ensured that the design of the module will adjust itself pretty well to your website design – even without making changes on your own.

The module supports Bootstrap in the versions 2, 3 & 4 so that you don't have to worry about the compatibility.

Screenshot: Joomla! & Bootstrap compatible | Power Shopping Cart – Joomla! Module

Optionally use your own CSS code

There is also a feature for experts with very special requirements! With the appropriate knowledge, you can entirely change the looks of the module by entering your own CSS codes without having to change the files of the module itself.

The entered CSS code is directly written in the existing files so that no extra files, which can negatively influence the performance of your website, will be loaded.

Screenshot: Custom Css Settings | Power Shopping Cart – Joomla! Module

Made with for mobile devices & computers

Laptop Icon
Computer Icon
Tablet Icon
Smartphone Icon

The module is based on a "Twitter Bootstrap" and conforms with mobile devices and desktop computers. This ensures that the content of the shopping cart is easy to read on all devices and that your customers can easily find the checkout.

Browser support

Browser support

Optimized for modern web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer 9 and up.

Optimized for search engines

Optimized for search engines

Source code optimized for search engines improves the processing through search engines and their findability.

Optimized loading times

Optimized loading times

A well-structured source code and architecture allow fast loading of contents. Search engines love it!



Useable on multilingual websites. All texts and contents can be displayed in all languages.

Modern source code

Modern source code

The HTML5- & CSS3 source code is built semantically, W3C-valid, and complies with the most modern website standards.

Bootstrap & jQuery

Bootstrap & jQuery

Based on Bootstrap & jQuery for a good compatibility and the accurate depiction on all screen sizes.

Easy installation and updates

The installation of the Yagendoo products is simple.
They are ready to use in just a few clicks.

We are always there for you!

Our biggest concern is your satisfaction and that you will have a great experience with the products you have purchased from us. After all, we want you to stay a part of the Yagendoo Community. This is why you will also receive detailed documentation and technical support with every purchased product.

Documentation & FAQ

You receive access to our knowledge base consisting of text and video manuals so you can successfully use your products.

Personal support

We are there when you need us. Our experienced team will help you via our support forum whenever you are in need of technical help.

Opinions from customers

Power Shopping Cart - Joomla! Module
Stylisch und aktuellE
Power Shopping Cart - Joomla! Module
Nice little cart right out of the box. Some customization needed but was easy to modify. Thanks.
Power Shopping Cart - Joomla! Module
Pretty good and useful
Power Shopping Cart - Joomla! Module
Super Modul ein funktionierender Warenkorb der dazu noch gut aussieht. Top Support. Was braucht man mehr. Gerne wieder
Power Shopping Cart - Joomla! Module
Very nice add to cart effect, it looks great.
Power Shopping Cart - Joomla! Module
Super Modul und der Support ist absolut Top. Vielen Dank an das Yagendoo-Team!
Power Shopping Cart - Joomla! Module
Klein aber fein!
Power Shopping Cart - Joomla! Module
I love this! Its much more professional looking than the default cart. Give customers a visual cart to quickly see what there than trying to read the small print. Keep up the great work!
Power Shopping Cart - Joomla! Module
Amazing support, very quick reply to the ticket and problem solved. Thank you, Eugen! I have already bought everything you guys made, I will buy any new thing you will come out with. Thank you very much
Power Shopping Cart - Joomla! Module
5 stars for the nice looking cart replacement and of course 5 stars for your great support! Thumbs up!
Power Shopping Cart - Joomla! Module
Beautiful shopping cart! Like the way the thumbnails are added. Great way for customers to help them understand your shop and visualize it.
Power Shopping Cart - Joomla! Module
Excellent addition to your shop. The support given by Eugen is nothing short of fantastic 5 star service all the way!

Product information:

  • Version:  3.1.9
  • Updated:  07 May 2020
  • Changelog: Click to open


  • Joomla! 3Joomla! 3
  • Virtuemart 3Virtuemart 3
  • JoomShopping 4JoomShopping 4

System requirements:

  • PHP 5.6 / 7.0 +
  • MySQL 5.5.3 +
  • Bootstrap 2 / 3

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We have discontinued our service in 2020. Orders are no longer possible.