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Times change. When passion is lost, then it is better to stop. That's why after more than 10 years - and unsuccessful search for a successor - we decided to stop this offer without replacement.

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1. new purchases or renewals of existing memberships are no longer possible and the purchase function on this website is therefore deactivated.
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6. the company behind continues to exist. We are available for jobs (

Es war eine spannende Zeit. Wir sehen uns!

Zeiten ändern sich. Wenn die Leidenschaft verloren geht, dann sollte man besser aufhören. Darum haben wir uns nach über 10 Jahren – und erfolgloser Suche nach einem Nachfolger – dazu entschlossen, dieses Angebot ersatzlos einzustellen.

Wir bedanken uns für die tollen gemeinsamen Jahre und wünschen allen, die uns auf unserem Weg begleitet haben, alles Gute!


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3. Bestandskunden können, bis zum Ende ihrer laufenden Mitgliedschaft, per E-Mail ( Support erhalten.
4. Erworbene Templates und Erweiterungen können selbstverständlich weiterhin genutzt werden.
5. Neukunden, die nach dem 01.08.2020 bestellt haben, erstatten wir auf Wunsch ihren Kauf.
6. Das Unternehmen hinter besteht weiterhin. Für Aufträge stehen wir bei Bedarf gerne zur Verfügung (

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Joomla! Module Yagendoo Power Slideshow

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Power Slideshow - Joomla! Module For Joomla!, Virtuemart & JoomShopping

5/5 by 4 Votes

With the "Power Slideshow" Joomla! module, you can present different elements, including your shop products, in a beautiful slideshow anywhere on your website. Therefore different output layouts are available for you.

  • Display shop products, Joomla! articles, videos, or images.
  • Created slides can be edited any time.
  • Automatically generates a slideshow out of an image directory.
  • Display as: Boxed or fullwidth.
  • Optimized for mobile devices & computers. Fully responsive!
  • Seamlessly integrable in the design of your website.
  • Simple installation, operating and top support.
Power Slideshow - Joomla! Module

Product images

Get a first impression of the product before getting started. The following screenshots will show you a few of the settings and design variations of the product.

The main features.

The Yagendoo "Power Slideshow" Joomla! module provides you the possibility to display a slideshow anywhere on your website. From images through Joomla! articles, videos up to the output of your shop products, you are totally free. The selection of the type is taken comfortably by click. Furthermore you can completely adjust the appearance according to your desires without programming knowledge.

Joomla! articles

Display selected Joomla! articles. Select exactly the articles you want to display using the article selection.

Joomla! categories

Show what's new! Select all Joomla! articles from a specific category.

Shop products

Show your best, latest or other products. Present your range conspicuously to your visitors.


Embed individual videos from YouTube or any other source in a slide.

Image folder

Display images from image folders. One slide is created for each image and you can define title, description and link target.

Single images

Show a single image in a slide. Select any image, a title and a short description text.

You will also benefit from these great features

  • Flexible slide management Any number of slides can be created. Enabling, disabling and deleting them is done simply by click.
  • Modern & practical layouts Output possible as a plain slideshow without text, including a content overlay (title, intro, etc.) and with different navigation layouts.
  • Preferred alignment Determine the alignment of the module itself, or the contents and elements located inside the slides.
  • Activate/deactivate elements Determine which elements in the module you want to display. Not relevant elements can be deactivated with just one click.
  • Design fully customizable Seamlessly integrate the module into your website design by customizing it via the Customizer or a custom CSS.
  • Display where and when you want Display the module at any number of module positions or in content and determine the time of the output to the second.
  • Clear administration area You will only see the setting options relevant to the chosen layout and usage.
  • Category order controllable Define the order in that the selected categories and their contents shall be displayed.
  • Shipping and tax information Optional output of shipping and sales tax information to inform your customers and to comply with the legal regulations of some countries.
  • Include or exclude products Always display products regardless of the output mode used, or place products on the exclusion list.
  • Include or exclude categories Show products from specific categories, or place products from categories on the exclusion list.
  • Exclusion by criteria Determine whether to display images for sold out products.
  • Restrict to customer groups Restrict output to products that only are visible to specific customer groups.
  • Product number controllable Determine how many products altogether and how many per row are displayed, and at what size.
  • Discount signs Highlight price-reduced products with a sales label showing the amount of percent value.

This was just a teaser. Scroll down for more details on the range of functions of the Yagendoo "Power Slideshow" Joomla! module.

You determine the output layouts

With the Yagendoo "Power Slideshow" Joomla! module you can combine different slide types, as for example images, videos, and many more, and display them in different layouts.

Preview Nav Demo | Power Slideshow – Joomla! module

Show your customers optionally a preview of the available slides. Clicking the preview loads the respective slide. The content shows the title, the intro text and if defined the background image of the respective slide in a smaller way. Examples: Preview Nav

Dot Nav Demo | Power Slideshow – Joomla! module

Show indicator navigation dots in addition to the navigation arrows. These highlight the active slide visibly. Additionally the further slides can be triggered directly in order to jump to any point of the slideshow. Examples: Dot Nav

Plain Nav Demo | Power Slideshow – Joomla! module

Show the slideshow with simple navigation arrows, without any additonal indicators. This layout is clean but thus provides an easy to understand function in order to navigate through the different slides. Examples: Plain Nav

Full control over all elements.

In the settings for the administration area, you can adapt the slideshow exactly to your desires and determine, which elements are displayed or not.

You have the option to define a title, an intro text, a layout and a background image separately for each slide.

You want to refer to a certain target using a slide? No problem! Simply enter a target URL to which the slide will be linked.

Furthermore you can disable specific slides one by one, without having to delete them. You can activate and display them again by click if needed.

Screenshot: Slide settings | Power Slideshow – Joomla! module

The global settings of the slideshow, as for example the changing intervall, the size, the layout and the shown elements can be configured individually.

Here you can freely choose between an arrow navigation, navigation indicators or a content preview. Even multiple navigations can be combined and used simultaneously.

You can also determine the module height, as well as the default background image and further options simply by click.

Screenshot: Slider settings | Power Slideshow – Joomla! module

The order of the data & slides can be defined individually. The data within a slide can be sorted ascending or descending for a Joomla! category, for example. You can determine the order of the slides themselves via Drag&Drop, as you are used to from Joomla!.

Screenshot: Slide order | Power Slideshow – Joomla! module

You can show or hide all elements with just a few clicks. You always have full control of the output and can fully customize them.

With this flexibility, you cannot only show your products but also determine, whether they can be added to the cart immediately, whether the prices and other details are shown or not, etc.

The settings on the screenshot are an example. You can individually control every single element.

Screenshot: Display settings | Power Slideshow – Joomla! module

Be ultraflexible with the output.

The matching, dynamic output of information increases your success. That is why you can easily adjust when, where, and what you want to display in the module settings.

Output on module positions and in content

Place the module on the module positions of your template, load it into a Joomla! article or into another Joomla! extension that allows the loading of modules in the own content.

Screenshot: Settings for output on module positions and in Joomla! content | Power Slideshow – Joomla! module

Time-controlled output

You can determine from when to when the module is shown in the selected places to the second by entering the date and time and thus perfectly match them to your marketing strategy.

Screenshot: Settings for time-controlled output | Power Slideshow – Joomla! module

Output based on user and customer groups

Choose whether you want to display the module only for your website's guests or for certain Joomla! user groups. In combination with the specification of a customer group, you can granularly determine who gets see which items.

Screenshot: Settings for user and customer groups | Power Slideshow – Joomla! module

Seamless integration in your website design

Due to the strict use of the bootstrap framework and other smart design functions, the module will seamlessly embed into your design.

Simple design customizer

You can customize the module design with the integrated Design Customizer in just a few mouse clicks – completely without programming knowledge.

You can adjust the color, size, spaces, and frames of diverse elements via the Colorpicker and other parameters in the administration area and thus change the looks of one or more module entities according to your needs and to match your website.

Screenshot: Customizer Settings | Power Slideshow – Joomla! module

Adjusts to your Joomla! template

By using the Bootstrap framework, on which Joomla! builds itself, it is ensured that the design of the module will adjust itself pretty well to your website design – even without making changes on your own.

The module supports Bootstrap in the versions 2, 3 & 4 so that you don't have to worry about the compatibility.

Screenshot: Joomla! & Bootstrap compatible | Power Slideshow – Joomla! module

Optionally use your own CSS code

There is also a feature for experts with very special requirements! With the appropriate knowledge, you can entirely change the looks of the module by entering your own CSS codes without having to change the files of the module itself.

The entered CSS code is directly written in the existing files so that no extra files, which can negatively influence the performance of your website, will be loaded.

Screenshot: Custom Css Settings | Power Slideshow – Joomla! module

Made with for mobile devices & computers

Laptop Icon
Computer Icon
Tablet Icon
Smartphone Icon

The module is based on a "Twitter Bootstrap" and conforms with mobile devices and desktop computers. This ensures that the content of the shopping cart is easy to read on all devices and that your customers can easily find the checkout.

Browser support

Browser support

Optimized for modern web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer 9 and up.

Optimized for search engines

Optimized for search engines

Source code optimized for search engines improves the processing through search engines and their findability.

Optimized loading times

Optimized loading times

A well-structured source code and architecture allow fast loading of contents. Search engines love it!



Useable on multilingual websites. All texts and contents can be displayed in all languages.

Modern source code

Modern source code

The HTML5- & CSS3 source code is built semantically, W3C-valid, and complies with the most modern website standards.

Bootstrap & jQuery

Bootstrap & jQuery

Based on Bootstrap & jQuery for a good compatibility and the accurate depiction on all screen sizes.

Easy installation and updates

The installation of the Yagendoo products is simple.
They are ready to use in just a few clicks.

We are always there for you!

Our biggest concern is your satisfaction and that you will have a great experience with the products you have purchased from us. After all, we want you to stay a part of the Yagendoo Community. This is why you will also receive detailed documentation and technical support with every purchased product.

Documentation & FAQ

You receive access to our knowledge base consisting of text and video manuals so you can successfully use your products.

Personal support

We are there when you need us. Our experienced team will help you via our support forum whenever you are in need of technical help.

Opinions from customers

Power Slideshow - Joomla! Module
Sehr schönes Modul zur Präsentation von Produkten. Sehr sehr eifnche Handhabung! Einfach Artikel ID und/oder Kategorie eintragen, alles andere läuft quasi von selbst. Spitze!
Power Slideshow - Joomla! Module
Noch ein tolles Produkt aus dem Hause Yagendoo und das zu so einem Spitzenpreis. Merci
Power Slideshow - Joomla! Module
Nice modul to present your products.
Power Slideshow - Joomla! Module
We have buyed this extention just a couple off days after releasing. As always we are a bit early adapters. We really like to work wih the Yagendoo products. Even when when you need support the team of Yannick is willing to help you. After some testing there where some minor issue's with the theme and modules. Most of the time the issue's are solved and updated in a fix within 24 Hours frame Please continue the good work and service. Marco Versluis Mood LedLight / Event LedLight - the Netherlands

Product information:

  • Version:  3.0.17
  • Updated:  17 December 2019
  • Changelog: Click to open


  • Joomla! 3Joomla! 3
  • Virtuemart 3Virtuemart 3
  • JoomShopping 4JoomShopping 4

System requirements:

  • PHP 5.6 / 7.0 +
  • MySQL 5.5.3 +
  • Bootstrap 2 / 3

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