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Responsive Joomla! TemplatesHybrid solution obsolete soon

The technical development of our Joomla! templates has made a large progress in the past months. For this reason we are able to provide you a new version of our templates today.
Since this version includes basic changes, there are some aspects that have to be taken care of before the installation. Therefore please read the entire blog post carefully to prevent possible conflicts and problems.

Until now the Yagenooo Joomla! templates contained a so-called "Hybrid solution", which displayed a special mobile layout on mobile devices. Over time the technical conditions and requirements have changed enormously, so that we also have to make a small cut in our products. Thus we switch to a responsive solution in our templates now, as you already may know from other applications.

From now on the templates are based on Bootstrap 3 and therefore break up fluid based on the given screen size. The previous hybrid solution will stay included in the package for the time being and can still be used. Thereby we provide you enough space to make the required changes before we remove the hybrid part completely in the coming months.

We suggest you to install the update in a development area first, if possible, or at least to create a full backup to prevent any data losses and to ensure that your website stays available continuously.

After the update installation you can enable the responsive Version of the template by opening the template configuration tab "Mobile" and therin switch the parameter "Hybrid" to "Reponsive" at the beginning of the tab. Please note, that through this change all module positions that were available for mobile devices exclusively, will be disabled and not be shown anymore:

  • yagendoo-mobile-logo
  • yagendoo-mobile-cart
  • yagendoo-mobile-menu
  • yagendoo-mobile-banner
  • yagendoo-mobile-1
  • yagendoo-mobile-2
  • yagendoo-mobile-3
  • yagendoo-mobile-4
  • yagendoo-mobile-5
  • yagendoo-mobile-6
  • yagendoo-mobile-7
  • yagendoo-mobile-bar

All modules that are placed on one of these positions above, have to be assigned to any other module position of the template. If you want to display certain modules exclusively for certain screen sizes (viewports), you can control this using the module class suffix in the module configuration. As suffix you can use the default classes of Bootstrap:


Note: To ensure a smooth running, you should add an empty space before the first suffix (e. g. " visible-lg") and add further classes with an additional empty space (e. g. " visible-lg visible-md").

Please update also all other Yagendoo extensions as modules, plugins or components since this is necessary. In case any problems occur installing the update, you are free to contact our support. We will help you to solve the problem as soon as possible.

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