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Virtuemart Downloads for Virtuemart 3 and Joomla! 3

(5/5 from 77 ratings)

Here you can find numerous Virtuemart Premium Downloads for Joomla! 3 as well as Virtuemart 3. Virtuemart downloads are subdivided into the following categories Virtuemart Templates (Joomla! Templates with Virtuemart Design) and Virtuemart Extensions (Joomla! Extensions with functions for Virtuemart) and modify Virtuemart both visually and functionally.

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Some reviews from our customers.
Great design!!! Can this work with Flypage1?
Marketing & SEO Suite for Joomla!
5 Minuten und es läuft! Danke!
Power Reviews - Joomla! Module
thanks for this great module.thanks for this great module.thanks for this great module.thanks for this great module.thanks for this great module.thanks for this great module.thanks for this great module.
Lingerie - Joomla! Template
Sehr flexibles Template!
Very nice looking template. Since I have installed it I got many compliments.
Blueberry - Joomla! Template
For the first time i actually have only positive things to say about a template. Great look, endless possibilities and quick response on support if you need them. They keep updating their templates and packages so you stay away of issues during website updates and such. My first five star rating on a template and a well deserved one might i add.
Marketing & SEO Suite for Joomla!
Excellent value for money. Just got my new webshop added to google index with 200+ pages with SEO friendly URL names. Note I were quick to jump on this plugin at version 1.0, knowing there might be a few issues with a new release. Now at a stable version 1.03 this plugin is very recommendable! Kim Hjortholm, Denmark Tweets at https://twitter.com/hjortholm
It's a real improvement to the original VM template! Also I got very quick & helpful support!
VaMazing VMT is a very clean template, fits exactly to my VM-shop
We have buyed this theme just a couple off days after releasing. As always we are a bit early adapters. We really like to work wih the Yagendoo products. Even when when you need support the team of Yannick is willing to help you. After some testing there where some minor issue's with the theme and modules. Most of the time the issue's are solved and updated in a fix within 24 Hours frame Please continue the good work and service. Marco Versluis Mood LedLight / Event LedLight - the Netherlands
ich bedanke mich für Ihre schnelle Hilfe. Es war zunächst nur der Server-Umzug zu erledigen und meine Homepage etwas graphisch zu überarbeiten.

Alles wurde zuverlässig und termingerecht erledigt, es gibt keine Klagen. Die HP hat wirklich optisch gewonnen, wie erwünscht. Gefallen hat mir insbesondere die sehr angenehme und freundliche Zusammenarbeit.

Ich kann Ihre Arbeit nur mit 5 Sternen für „sehr gut“ bewerten. Ein Bild habe ich angehängt.