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The Yagendoo blog awakes from hibernation

Confessed, activity on a blog appears a bit different than that what could be seen on our blog so far. So far, because we want to change this from now on.

As an "apologize" for the previous inactivity I want to mention things like new templates, themes and extensions for example. Furthermore, as you all certainly know, at the end of last year the version 2.0 of Virtuemart was released unexpected. Virtuemart 2.0 is a complete rebuild of Virtuemart and you can imagine what this means for our products, right?

Exact, all of them had to be made compatible with the new Virtuemart. 26 of our products are now compatible with Virtuemart 2.0 and even more to come in the next days - you may be curious ;)

In short, the blog was missed out because we had enough to do to make you happy. For this reason the public relations outward may be neglected for some time, or? Anyway we recently updated our blog and want to rev up again...

And now? Everything different! ;)

In any case there will be new output on our blog regularly from now on. We purposed to communicate at least all updates of our products here, in addition we like to publish also specialized articles for different topics and maybe one or another competition here to our inclination and mood - we will see.

Since we are also more or less active on Facebook (more), Google+ (less) and Twitter (even less) the communication through these channels will run in the second person. Therefore we have decided because we ourselves are a young and especially relaxed team and would like to keep a friendly relationship with you.

What else? Everthing better and even more...

Activity on the blog is not the only thing we have to offer, of course. In the next weeks there is "action" at the Yagendoos. Next to all the updates and new products we were working on a lot more in the past half year.

Actually it's unfortunately too early to give you further information. But we are sure that we will present you something that will blow you away! At least we believe this because the Yagendoos will go on the market with a product which does not exist worldwide so far, again!

We hope we could unleash your curiosity now and would be happy if you start reading here regularly from now on and especially also comment, give us feedback and participate in discussions. In our forum there is already a lot of action but every comment spurs us on more to create even cooler products for you!

Until the next blogpost, we look forward to seeing you!

Best regards,
Yannick & the Yagendoos

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