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Major Yagendoo updatesMany bugfixes and improvements coming

In the past weeks various problems, bugs and issues have been reported by our customers. Many of you already wait for new updates and patches to make your onlineshops work properly again. First of all we want to thank all of you for your patience in the past weeks concerning the product updates. We understand your situation and worked hard in the past months to provide you a good and stable system again as soon as possible.

Now, just before Christmas, the templates are in a state to be released to you in a final and new version. From now on we will release further updates for all templates at short intervals, starting with the Yagendoo Lightroom eTemplate today. Please create either a backup of your website before installing the updates or use an independent development area first to prevent problems. Further information including a short changelog can be found in the following.

Many of the changes took part in the background of our System plugin and the template itself so they do not affect its visual appearance. Nevertheless you will note them and realize the improvements. Below you can see the major changes resulting from the updates:

  • Added support for Virtuemart Multi Variants
  • Added support for Virtuemart Rich Snippets on product pages
  • Fixed problems with price calculation on attribute change
  • Various CSS and layout fixes
  • Improved user account views
  • Improved checkout views
  • Improved template performance
  • Cleaned up template directory
  • Improved Javascript/Ajax handling
  • Account views available in mobile views now
  • Improved mobile view completely

In order to receive the latest product updates you should check the Joomla! update functionality in the backend of your websites once a day. Please ensure that your product license is still valid first.

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