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Joomla!Day Germany 2013will you be there?

The 13 and 14 September 2013 will see the 6th Joomla!Day in Germany take place – this time in Nuremberg. This year's location is PARKS. The Joomla!Day team's preparations are already underway and the organisers are doing a great job – everyone is looking forward to Joomla!Day 2013 already.

Interesting presentations & networking

The Joomla!Day is basically seen as the "class reunion" on the German Joomla scene. Many users, service providers and Joomla developers from a wide variety of backgrounds meet to participate in interesting workshops and presentations on Joomla and to share experiences with other Joomla enthusiasts. There are plenty of well-known faces from both the German Joomla scene and a variety of other countries to meet and greet.

There is a large selection of workshops. You can learn how to secure your Joomla website, how to create your own Joomla templates, and there are SEO presentations, performance presentations, e-commerce presentations and much, much more. And here's the best bit: You can attend this event for an unbeatable price.

The ticket prices are affordable for absolutely everyone:

  • € 74 incl. VAT for the JoomlaDay all-day ticket incl. dinner (the ticket for both days – Friday & Saturday)
  • € 69 incl. VAT for the Joomla business day ticket incl. dinner (Friday)
  • € 10 for the Joomla community day ticket (Saturday)

All other information and regular updates can be found at Joomla!Day Dinner on 13 September 2013

There will be a special highlight once again this year. The organisers of Joomla!Day Germany have decided to hold a Joomla!Day Dinner on the evening of the first day of the event this year, in which all participants with a ticket for one of the two days or an all-day ticket can take part. This will give the Joomla community an opportunity to get to know each other better and spend a fun evening together. The dinner is already included in the price!

Yagendoo as a speaker and sponsor

One more thing – about us – before we go. This year, Yagendoo will also feature among the ranks of the Joomla!Day sponsors. We look forward to supporting Joomla!Day Germany 2013 as a bronze sponsor and hope that the event will be a successful one for all involved.

Part of the Yagendoo team will, of course, be represented at Joomla!Day 2013 in Nuremberg and will even be giving presentations. You are all warmly invited to participate in the following presentations. Hopefully you will both enjoy yourself and get plenty of new knowledge and food for thought to take home with you.

Yagendoo presentations:

  • How do I create Virtuemart templates?

    Description: Virtuemart is one of the best-known e-commerce solutions for creating an online shop for Joomla! and is used by thousands of people worldwide.

    In our presentation "How do I create Virtuemart templates?", my team and I from Yagendoo Media GmbH will be showing interested parties how to create a Virtuemart template and/or adapt existing Virtuemart templates to suit your individual needs.

    The presentation is primarily aimed at advanced Joomla! users that at least have basic knowledge of creating Joomla! templates and overrides. However, beginners are also more than welcome to take part in our presentation.

  • E-commerce business: success through passion

    Description: The gold-digging years of e-commerce are gone! Competition has increased substantially in the past few years, and large companies are putting pressure on the e-commerce market like never before. It is no longer enough to just put products online in order to be able to sell them. Those that want to gain a foothold in the e-commerce market nowadays need to build up and run their business with passion.

    "Without passion there is no greatness," Theodor Mommsen

    From a great-looking online shop to the right strategy to a product that either stands out from the rest, is better presented or offers a clear price advantage, you must think of everything in order to be able to play among the best.

    I will try to give you a few tips on how you can make yourself stand out from other shop operators in the dense jungle that is e-commerce.

We would like to give another presentation, but this has unfortunately not yet been confirmed by the Joomla!Day team. We hope that it will be accepted.

  • Joomla security – understanding and preventing attacks on Joomla

    Description: In order to be able to prevent attacks on Joomla (and other web projects), it is important to understand how they work.

    This session gives a brief insight into common malware "attack scenarios", as well as tips on how to best protect your project and what to do in the event your site is compromised.

That's all for now! We hope you're looking forward to Joomla!Day 2013 in Nuremberg as much as we are. Tickets can also be purchased at the following link - we hope to see you there!

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