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Joomla!Day Germany 2013 Slides, Pictures & Recap

The German Joomla!Day took place in Nuremberg last Friday and Saturday, 13 + 14 September 2013. We, the team from Yagendoo Media GmbH, were also represented at the event and gave 3 presentations. In this blog post, we hope to give you a brief insight into how Joomla!Day 2013 went and, of course, upload the slides from our presentations, as promised at the event.

Brief Joomla!Day 2013 recap

With around 250 visitors, this year's Joomla!Day was once again well attended on both the business day and the community day. Interested parties from all over Germany and abroad were on site to see interesting presentations and engage in exchange with other Joomla users.

The range of presentations was very varied. The level of the presentations was very good overall, and I heard positive feedback in many discussions. The participants had fun and were chatting and exchanging experiences excitedly throughout the day. The feedback from the people we spoke to was consistently positive, apart from a few exceptions. Super!

In the evening, after a slightly longer break, there was the Joomla!Day dinner, then many of the participants had the opportunity to sit down together and have interesting discussions. We had fun and the atmosphere was great!

We met old acquaintances once again and made some interesting new contacts - visiting Joomla!Day 2013 was worth it for that alone. Will you be there in Cologne in 2014?

A big thanks goes to the many people that we were in contact with, and in particular the team of organisers, who once again did a great job. We are already looking forward to Joomla!Day 2014 in Cologne! ;-)

Slides from our presentations

As asked for by several participants at the event, we would like to make the slides from our presentations available to you here. If you have any questions, simply post them in the comments - we will, of course, be delighted to receive your feedback!

Understanding and preventing attacks on Joomla!

Our team member Simon Samtleben gave a presentation on attacks on Joomla and used practical examples to show how such attacks can occur and how to significantly reduce your risk of falling victim to an attack. We are delighted that you liked the presentation and thank you for the very positive feedback!

How do I create Virtuemart templates?

In this presentation, Tobias Rick and Simon Samtleben showed how to create a Virtuemart template. Due to the fact that the presentation was given with live examples, the slides are unfortunately not self-explanatory, however we hope that you will still be able to take something from them.

E-commerce: success through passion

We gave you over 100 ideas that you can use to set yourself apart from your competitors in e-commerce and therefore gain a competitive advantage. The presentation was given by me, Yannick Spang. I would like to say thank you for the good, positive and constructive feedback on my presentation. Next time I will take the speed down a bit. ;-)

For all those interested, in the next few days there will also be videos of the individual presentations on the Joomla!Day Youtube channel. As soon as the videos of our presentations are online, we will integrate them here in our blog post.

We hope you had fun with the presentations, and now the slides, and would be delighted to receive your feedback!

Images from Joomla!Day 2013

  • _DSC6645
  • _DSC6646
  • _DSC6647

  • _DSC6648
  • _DSC6649
  • _DSC6650

  • _DSC6651
  • _DSC6652
  • _DSC6653

  • _DSC6654
  • _DSC6655
  • _DSC6656

  • _DSC6657
  • _DSC6659
  • _DSC6660

  • _DSC6661
  • _DSC6662
  • _DSC6663

  • _DSC6666
  • _DSC6668
  • _DSC6669

  • _DSC6670
  • _DSC6671
  • _DSC6672

  • _DSC6673
  • _DSC6674
  • _DSC6675

  • _DSC6677
  • _DSC6678
  • _DSC6679

  • _DSC6680
  • _DSC6681
  • _DSC6682

  • _DSC6683
  • _DSC6684
  • _DSC6685

  • _DSC6686
  • _DSC6687
  • _DSC6688

  • _DSC6689
  • _DSC6690
  • _DSC6691

  • _DSC6693
  • _DSC6694
  • _DSC6695

  • _DSC6696
  • _DSC6698
  • _DSC6700

  • _DSC6702
  • _DSC6704
  • _DSC6706

  • _DSC6707
  • _DSC6708
  • simon-vortrag1

  • simon-vortrag2
  • simon_vortrag3
  • yannick-soeren

  • yannick-vortrag1
  • yannick-vortrag2

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