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Free Virtuemart Themes & Free Virtuemart Templates?

You would like to run a shop with Joomla! and Virtuemart and are looking for a Virtuemart Theme or Virtuemart Template to optically add value to your Virtuemart shop? In that case, you should consider in advance what you would like to achieve with your shop. Do you want to run a Joomla! eCommerce shop just for fun? No, of course not.

Free Virtuemart Themes

You want to make money. Consequently, you should at first contemplate how you can stand apart from your competitors... How you can make your customers' visit to your shop as convenient as possible - until they ideally buy something. Would you shop in a store that looks just like all the others? I wouldn't...

Will an online shop created sloppily with the standard Virtuemart theme or a free Virtuemart theme used by innumerable people gain the trust of your potential customers? This is a question you should ask yourself as a Joomla eCommerce shop owner. If you see things with the eyes of your potential customers, you will definetly answer this question with "no".

Advantages of a non-free Virtuemart theme

High recognition value - Add a personal look to your eCommerce shop - Don't look like any old shop. Your customers and potential customers will be able to tell you apart from other shops more easily.

Self determination - You have the free choice of designing your shop. There's no sense in making compromises just to save a few euros.

The presentation makes it - Your customers will prefer shopping in a shop that stands apart from others.

In a nutshell - Gaining by investments

You want to earn money with your shop, so use the advantage of being better than the rest. Make your shop something special that will optically set you apart from thousands of others using a standard Virtuemart theme or a free Virtuemart theme and show them who is the leader of the pack. We will assist you in this and will soon publish more premium Virtuemart themes.

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