Bye bye!
It was an exciting time. See you!

Times change. When passion is lost, then it is better to stop. That's why after more than 10 years - and unsuccessful search for a successor - we decided to stop this offer without replacement.

We thank you for the great years together and wish all those who have accompanied us on our way all the best!


1. new purchases or renewals of existing memberships are no longer possible and the purchase function on this website is therefore deactivated.
2. existing customers can, until the end of their current membership, download the latest version of their purchased products as usual via their account.
3. existing customers can, until the end of their current membership, receive support via e-mail (
4. purchased templates and extensions can of course still be used.
5. new customers, who ordered after 01.08.2020, will be refunded their purchase on request.
6. the company behind continues to exist. We are available for jobs (

Es war eine spannende Zeit. Wir sehen uns!

Zeiten ändern sich. Wenn die Leidenschaft verloren geht, dann sollte man besser aufhören. Darum haben wir uns nach über 10 Jahren – und erfolgloser Suche nach einem Nachfolger – dazu entschlossen, dieses Angebot ersatzlos einzustellen.

Wir bedanken uns für die tollen gemeinsamen Jahre und wünschen allen, die uns auf unserem Weg begleitet haben, alles Gute!


1. Neue Käufe oder Verlängerungen bestehender Mitgliedschaften, sind ab sofort nicht mehr möglich und die Kauffunktion auf dieser Website darum deaktiviert.
2. Bestandskunden können, bis zum Ende ihrer laufenden Mitgliedschaft, wie gewohnt über ihren Account die jeweils aktuellste Version ihrer erworbenen Produkte herunterladen.
3. Bestandskunden können, bis zum Ende ihrer laufenden Mitgliedschaft, per E-Mail ( Support erhalten.
4. Erworbene Templates und Erweiterungen können selbstverständlich weiterhin genutzt werden.
5. Neukunden, die nach dem 01.08.2020 bestellt haben, erstatten wir auf Wunsch ihren Kauf.
6. Das Unternehmen hinter besteht weiterhin. Für Aufträge stehen wir bei Bedarf gerne zur Verfügung (

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Christmas sale, important changes & improvements Yagendoo getting even better!

A turbulent and exciting 2013 is coming to an end. We would like to take this opportunity and show you an overview of the improvements and changes we made on First of all, we would like you to know that we sincerely appreciate your feedback and have implemented many of our customers' wishes.

And of course, this post includes a 30% coupon that you can apply to your next purchase and save handsomely..

Club memberships replace multi-domain licenses – Incredible price reductions!

As of the middle of 2013, we have replaced our multi-domain licenses with reasonably priced club memberships.

In the past, the 5 domain and developer licenses were limited to a single purchased product. We understand that this was very expensive for shop owners, developers, and agencies; however, for technical reasons our system could not be changed on short notice. Nevertheless, we listened to you, and we have changed our concept.

Club memberships provide you with access to all templates, subject matters, and extensions. You can download everything, test it, and use it on 3 or an unlimited number of domains. Before, you received 3 months of support. Now we offer you updates and support for all products free of charge for 6 or 12 months. Thereafter, you may extend your club membership for a discount; however, this is not a requirement – you do not enter into a subscription.

Since 2013, we offer the following club memberships:

Frontend removal of copyright – now free of charge and standard feature

Since the end of 2013, you can now use a parameter to deactivate Yagendoo Copyright. No extra charge applies!

Even if other providers of Joomla Templates and Extensions proceed precisely as we did in the past, additional costs for the removal of copyrights created annoyance and sometimes exasperated reactions.

Again, we appreciate your feedback and made the respective changes. Everyone may continue supporting us by adding the branding to the footer; however, it is not mandatory!

Support now also available in German

Answering to many of your wishes, we will now also provide support on our forums in the German language.

In the past months and years, you, our customer, often wondered or showed frustration why a German company does not offer its support in the German language. We have listened to your suggestion and, as of immediately, we will offer our support in German.

Simple license administration

As of immediately, you require to enter only a single API key for all domains in order to download products and updates directly from our server via your backend.

In 2013, we launched our E-Commerce Suite. As part of this, it became necessary to enter the domain into our system prior to accessing the download feature. We were under the impression that we had developed a simple and intuitive system. Unfortunately, in practical terms, this proved to be wrong. For this reason, we have changed our system.

We sincerely hope that by doing so, we have removed a huge entrance obstacle for our customers.

Reminder regarding phasing-out of Free Update periods

Since May 2013, we inform our clients via email when the time period ends during which free updates are available.

The past has shown that this subject also proved to be annoying at times. Customers return some months or even years after they had purchased the products and wondered why they could not download the project anymore that they had purchased previously.

We intend to change this with the new procedure. All customers will receive a reminder before the period ends that alerts them to the end of this time period.

If you choose to extend the time period before it has expired, you will receive a much higher discount as if you renew after the time has elapsed. However, the new time period will only start once the old period has run out. Therefore, it is certainly not to your disadvantage if you renew well in advance.

You may ask yourself why you must pay for something again that has been paid for previously. There is a simple explanation for it. Joomla, Virtuemart, and JoomShopping are subject to continuous improvement and further development. By the same token, that means of course that our products must be adjusted continuously to meet the current versions and provide updates – needless to say, we do this regularly!

Contrary to other providers, as far as further development of our products and their availability is concerned, you are in safe hands with us!

We sincerely hope that our new "reminder" function provides you with a solid and useful service.

All Templates & Themes are now available based on "Responsive Web Design"

Since the middle of 2013, all our Templates and Themes are responsive. This means, your website will adapt itself perfectly to mobile devices.

For some time now, "Responsive Web Design" has become a new trend in web designing. Needless to say, the use of websites increases continually with the use of mobile devices.

You may approach it from different angles - normal "Responsive Web Design" or "Hybrid Responsive Web Design". We decided deliberately to select an approach that is more difficult for the developer; however, it is the best way for the user of the website: "Hybrid Responsive Web Design".

This means that for mobile devices completely new images are loaded for which unnecessary elements are not displayed at all. Among other things, this saves loading times and provides better clarity for the mobile template. Have a look at Amazon or eBay on your smartphone – we are attempting to follow the same concept with our products.

E-Commerce Suite will be discontinued in 2014

We have to be honest. Using Yagendoo E-Commerce Suite for managing all installed Yagendoo products was not the hit we had expected it to be. We thought it would be helpful if we had a central expansion in which all parameters of the products including all updates could be managed.

Unfortunately, some customers had a different view since the processes they were used to in Joomla were different.

For this reason, we decided that new products for 2014 will not be provided anymore on Yagendoo E-Commerce Suite. However, all available products that are based on the Suite will continue to use this system.

You do not need to concern yourself if you are currently using the Suite – we will continue to maintain the site and provide updates. Unfortunately, however, this does not apply to all upcoming templates, themes and extensions.

We would be happy to receive your opinion on this subject matter.

Technology of Themes/Overrides will be transferred to Joomla Standard

One point of our customers' criticism was the fact that the concept of Joomla-Overrides was too abstract. This apparently complicated the adaptation of our products for laymen. We will change this in 2013 as well and return to the normal Joomla Overrides.

Better & clearly arranged documentation

Just in time for the year's end we will provide completely revised documentation online. Again, all products will be displayed extensively with many images, accompanied by brief descriptions.

In 2013, we at Yagendoo tried our utmost to do our best. ALL our products and our own website were completely revised. And based on this, and because so many things have happened during 2013, we decided to call it "the year of out-of-date and incomplete documentation". Unfortunately, this could not be prevented. We happen to be humans as well, and our small team attempted everything to meet your requirements.

The new documentation prepares us well for 2014, and we hope that working with our products will make your efforts easier.

To the new documentation.

Templates, Themes, Extensions on a regular basis

You may have noticed, hardly any new products were released. We focused on the improvement of all our older products and, in particular, an attempt was made to make them compatible with the new Joomla, Virtuemart and JoomShopping versions.

This new base has now been created, and we will publish more new Templates, Themes, and Extensions in 2014.

All SEO Extensions are now summarized in a single extension.

Early 2014 we will launch "Virtuemart Marketing Suite", a Joomla & Virtuemart Extension. This is intended to assist you to optimize your Virtuemart for search engines and will help you to link your Online Shop to portals such as Google Shopping and other price comparison sites.

For these subjects, we also place great emphasis on simplicity. In the past, we offered many individual Virtuemart SEO extensions. Now we have condensed them to a single "Virtuemart Marketing Extension". This made it possible to link all functions and simplify the operation.

All customers, who have used the old extensions previously, will now receive a deep 50% discount when purchasing the new extensions for the first time. All customers who have purchased one of the older SEO extensions will receive a bonus code in a separate email early in 2014.

New services

As of today, we offer some new services. Our website is already up to date, and there you will find all relevant information.

Among other things, you will find an Update Service for Joomla, Virtuemart and JoomShopping. Furthermore, we are offering enhanced support during the development of your own extensions and templates for Joomla, Virtuemart and JoomShopping. An overview of the new services as shown below:

Christmas holidays - Limited support

Once in a while, we also need a break. Therefore, we will be on vacation from December 20, 2013 till January 6, 2014. During this period, our support will be limited or not available at all. We sincerely hope that you will understand, and we will be there for you as usual in the new year.

30% Christmas discount

Between December 18, 2013 to January 6, 2014, the following coupon code will provide you with a 30% discount for all products that you order from our website.

COUPONCODE: christmas2013b

We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and prosperity in 2014!

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