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Partner Together we are strong!

Open Source Partners

Virtuemart is one of the 10 most popular e-commerce services and is definitely the most well-known e-commerce service for the CMS Joomla. As long-standing Virtuemart developers, we are delighted to have a long-lasting partnership with Virtuemart.

Signsiu.net is the home of Joomla CCK extensions "Sobi" and "SobiPro" - an extension for creating business catalogues and directories. The very friendly Sigrid and Radek Sigsiu are behind the project.

Stackideas is a provider of Joomla extensions based in Malaysia. Alongside the very popular charged blog component Easyblog, you will also find other free extensions for your own Joomla website.

Viktor Vogel develops a number of smaller extensions for Joomla and offers these for free download on his website. Viktor offers support with problems with the extensions for a fair price.

Virtuemart.de is the go-to place for all German-speaking Virtuemart users. The website includes a German forum and other information on Virtuemart e-commerce software in German.

Hosting Partners

GN2 Hosting is a subsidiary of the internet agency GN2 netzwerk based in Coburg and offers optimised hosting for CMS and shop systems. We have been trusting Rüdiger Nitzsche and his team as a reliable partner for over 5 years

Lawyer Partners

Legalershop.de is aimed at German operators of online shops. The portal run by "Res Media" provides legal advice to shop operators and creates universal legal texts for online shops and other online services.

"Res Media" is a German legal firm specialising in media and based in Mainz. One of the firm's areas of focus is the acceptance and support of online shops as well as advising operators of e-commerce projects.

As the largest online trading association in Europe and one of the leading providers of legal texts for the internet, Händlerbund and its lawyers specialising in IT law now provide legal security for several tens of thousands of websites, protecting them long-term from expensive claims.

Media Partners

Templates-royal.de is a German-language directory for Joomla templates. The website is run by Edgar Kraus, who uses it to present and provide a variety of commercial and non-commercial templates for Joomla for download.

Easy-joomla.org is a German news and download site on the topic of Joomla. Here, Achim Raji regularly publishes news and downloads from the Joomla scene in German.

Joomla-Downloads.de is one of the most well-known and largest German Joomla websites. Alongside a German Joomla forum, the operator Jan Gieselberg offers selected Joomla downloads.

Templates4all.de offers a large selection of free templates for various systems such as Wordpress, Drupal, Webspell or OXID. The site is run by Finn Hillebrandt, who took the project over in 2013.