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Virtuemart SEO/SEF Links Plugin PRO

Telling Virtuemart SEO URLs without unnecessary elements, IDs and UTF8 enabled! Improve your search engine ranking using telling SEF/SEO links! Google and other search engines prefer websites with "telling" SEO/SEF URLs in their ranking algorithm. If you use our Virtuemart SEF/SEO PRO plug-in, you are on a good way to achieve better rankings.

Clean URLs in the entire
online shop easily

In the following the essential features and setting options of the Virtuemart Meta Data Manager:

  • generation of clean Virtuemart SEO/SEF links according to Joomla! Core standards
  • simple installation as a Joomla! plug-in within a few minutes
  • unicode URLs possible (e.g. Arabic, Greek, and Chinese letters)
  • automatic 301 redirection from non-SEO to SEO links
  • Joomfish! support
  • sections which are not SEO relevant (e.g. Check-Out, Account, Ask a Question) will also be re-written
  • No category or product ID in the URLs!
  • No duplicate content!
  • URLs will not be stored in the database -> best performance!
  • You do not have to hack your Virtuemart code or copy files manually!
  • No external SEO/SEF enhancement necessary -> better performance!
  • No canonical or no-index necessary as it contains a 301 redirect

Average customer rating:

20,00 EUR +19% tax for europeans without VAT-ID
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Compatible with:

  • Joomla! 1.5 & Virtuemart 1.1.7+

Please note that this product is compatible with Joomla! 1.5.x & Virtuemart 1.1.x only. It is also not based on our eCommerce Suite.

The first truly good solution for search-engine-friendly Virtuemart SEO Links. Installable without much effort, without big configurations and in just five minutes' time!


Virtuemart SEO/SEF links, performant, clean and simple!

Use our Virtuemart SEO/SEF PRO plug-in to generate search-engine optimized links (also with non-Latin letters for Arabic, Greek, Chinese, and all other languages) which are important for the ranking of your Virtuemart shop without having to use an own high-performance storage of links in the database as most other solutions will do. All Virtuemart SEO/SEF links are created using exclusively the Joomla! compliant router feature and are available for all areas, e.g. the Checkout and Account area of your Virtuemart shop as well!

If a menu item exists for a certain product or a category, it will receive preferential treatment. Via the menu structure and their aliases, you can structure the links any way you like. The emphasis is on "can" as the plug-in also generates clean SEO/SEF links for each product and each category without a menu item.

No canonical

No duplicate content! - 301 redirect instead of canonical approach

The old non-SEF links will automatically be redirected to the newly generated SEO/SEF links. This feature is used to prevent duplicate content which is created automatically in Joomla! (in particular in Virtuemart). It also avoids the necessity of canonical tags as there is really only one target. Thus, you do not have to tell search engines which of the several equal targets is the relevant one.


Joomfish! Support - Multilingual Links using Joomfish!

Full support of multilingual websites due to Joomfish! compatibility, a component for translating Joomla! contents. Using the Joomfish! routine, you can translate all links the same way you translate all other contents ñ in only a few steps and in all your languages. Our VM SEO supports all types of letters; all non-Latin languages are supported using UTF8 links!


Things Our Virtuemart SEO/SEF does not do

Our Virtuemart SEO/SEF PRO does not hack (exchange of Virtuemart files) any of your Virtuemart core files. It does not store link data in the database. It does not show category and product IDs in the URL if this has been disabled in the settings. The VM SEO/SEF PRO does not need an external SEO enhancement ñ it only uses the Joomla! routine. It does not generate duplicate content. It does not use a canonical tag and does not make coffee for the website provider ;)


Settings of Virtuemart SEO/SEF PRO

In the back-end, you can choose between several different settings. On the one hand, you can enable/disable the deletion of the IDs from the URL. The same applies to the generation of UTF-8 links. You can also call all fixed areas (e.g. Account/Downloads/Check-Out) just the way you want. Thus, you have complete control about the naming of the static link areas in your Virtuemart shop. We have pre-defined most procedures. Changing anything without proper background knowledge might easily ruin your rankings instead of improving them.

Best is yet to come

The best is yet to come!

The installation takes place as usual using the Joomla! installer. Thus, even if you are a beginner, it shouldn't be a problem for you. All other procedures are explained in the Documentation. So what are you waiting for? Start improving the ranking of your Virtuemart shop now!

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Satisfied customer statements

Great plugin, very simple to use! Very recommendable! Great service! I had some problems installing it, because some settings in VM weren't right, but thanks to the Yagendoo support team that was solved really quick. Thanks Yannick, keep up the good work!

– Rene Louwers


Hervorragendes Plug-In. In 1min installiert, einfache Konfiguration und zaubert saubere, SEO freundliche URLs. Kann ich nur weiterempfehlen. In Kombination mit dem Meta-Manager' und einer passenden Produktbeschreibung ist man was SEO angeht gut gestellt.'

– Rafael Aspiazu


Definitely a low investment for a high yield return! 20Eu is nothing for this, well worth it!

– Alyssa Foo


Klappt Super...eine echte Bereicherung. Empfehlung für alle, die vernünftige Suchmaschinentaugliche Links für Virtuemart suchen!

– Alexander Wilczek


Excellent value for money. Just got my new webshop added to google index with 200+ pages with SEO friendly URL names. Note I were quick to jump on this plugin at version 1.0, knowing there might be a few issues with a new release. Now at a stable version 1.03 this plugin is very recommendable! Kim Hjortholm, Denmark Tweets at https://twitter.com/hjortholm

– Kim Hjortholm


Tolles Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis. Auch für Nicht-Programmierer' sehr einfach zu bedienen! Funktioniert einwandfrei!'

– Dirk Leimkuhl


Tolles Produkt, funktioniert tiptop! Ist sehr schnell eingerichtet! So liebe ich das! :-) Ben from Switzerland

– Ben Burge


Stars are not getting highlighted so not sure if they will show, but 5 stars!
It is better than that free router.php, as it adds the proudctname.html and I love that.
Lord knows why VirtueMart could not do this, but thanks very much. It has solved a big problem! Highly recommeneded.

– Joseph Keefe


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