Joomshopping Downloads for Joomshopping 4 and Joomla! 3

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Here you can find numerous JoomShopping Premium Downloads for Joomla! 3 as well as JoomShopping 4. JoomShopping downloads are subdivided into the following categories JoomShopping Templates (Joomla! Templates with JoomShopping Design) and JoomShopping Extensions (Joomla! Extensions with functions for JoomShopping) and modify JoomShopping both visually and functionally.

Some reviews from our customers.

Yagendoo themes and templates for Virtuemart are the ideal solution for giving your online shop an individual look. In particular, the themes can be quickly and easily adapted to suit an existing Joomla template. The CSS structure is clear and well thought out, and even your own theme styles can be easily integrated, meaning that the changes remain intact when updates are made. Installation is really easy and has never caused me any problems.

Using the integrated component "yagendoo eCommerce Suite", various Virtuemart settings can be added to or implemented for the first time, offering even more control over the category or product view.

A key criterion for me is always whether a component, extension, template or whatever is also developed further so that migration will remain trouble-free in later Joomla versions. yagendoo constantly offers current updates for its products in order to meet the requirements of the latest versions of Joomla and Virtuemart.

The support offered by the yagendoo team is also fast, uncomplicated and competent