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Virtuemart SEO, the never ending story of the Virtuemart SEF links

An issue that never failed to give me a headache and cost me many hours of work. The realization of a truly good optimization for Virtuemart SEO doesn't sound so complicated at all. But it is! At clients' work stations and now also in the course of our re-launch, I spent many hours optimizing Virtuemart free of bugs and large amounts of double content for SEO, but one thing or other always failed to work out. I had actually been testing each and every external SEO component, even including the testing of offered router.php files, had been configurating, trying to outsmart the program, and changing items, at one time not being able to obtain agreeable results, at the other time losing the functionality of whole Virtuemart functions, and whenever I managed to create a nice URL, I was unable to allocate modules to these URLS, except by doing this globally for the whole shop, which is just not acceptable for a good shop. I don't even want to touch upon the issue of the large amounts of URLs linked to one and the same page. Virtuemart SEO is really a tedious issue.

In addition, one runs the risk that by relying on external SEO components that fail to achieve satisfying results for Virtuemart anyway, development of these add-ons will be abandoned one day or other. This has already been the case with many established SEO add-ons. Just recently, sh404SEF developer Yannick Gaultier has given users of his components a true fright. So far, sh404SEF will eventually still be further developed, but who can guarantee me that this will also be the case in the future? What will happen if the development is abandoned one day or other? I would be facing a problem with my online shop. If consequently, I had to rely on some other solution, 99 % of my shop's URLs would be subject to change. What is this implying for your online shop? Exactly - in respect of search engines, with all links being lost, it is bound to catapult itself onto the scrap pile. The only alternative would be to create a 301 redirect - manually, ideally. Have you ever created a 301 redirect for 5,000 product links? You haven't? But you can imagine the amount of work this would imply, can't you? And as if this wasn't enough already, it's anything but certain that google & company will love you just as much as before. I don't want to cause you any frights or talk disrespectively of other components; they all have their reasons for existence.

But to me personally, the risk for my online shop and consequently my existence would be too high. So why not confide in the Joomla!-included SEF function and thereby optimizing my Virtuemart SEO? Anyway, it's a gospel truth that the Joomla! SEF will exist as long as Joomla! itself!

On our part, we will from now on rely on the Joomla! SEF, without any risk and even obtaining better results. Of course, we don't want to exclude you from this solution, and have consequently now added the Yagendoo Virtuemart SEO to our product portfolio. You will find more information on Yagendoo Virtuemart SEO right here --> Virtuemart SEO

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