Joomla! 3 Extensions

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Hier finden Sie zahlreiche Joomla! Premium Extensions für Joomla! 3. Neben einfachen Joomla! Extensions (Funktionserweiterung für Joomla!), finden Sie hier zudem Joomla! Extensions mit spezielle Funktionen für bestimmte andere Joomla! Extensions. Hierzu zählen u.a. die in den Kategorien Virtuemart Extensions und JoomShopping Extensions gelisteten Downloads.

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Great plugin, very simple to use! Very recommendable! Great service! I had some problems installing it, because some settings in VM weren't right, but thanks to the Yagendoo support team that was solved really quick. Thanks Yannick, keep up the good work!

– Rene Louwers


Amazing support, very quick reply to the ticket and problem solved. Thank you, Eugen! I have already bought everything you guys made, I will buy any new thing you will come out with. Thank you very much

– Sylvie Prete


speechless!! With only one file!! Other needed 500 and did not work 100%. Is worth more then any cent.

– Ralf Werner


Klein aber fein!

– Rolf Sprave


Beautiful shopping cart! Like the way the thumbnails are added. Great way for customers to help them understand your shop and visualize it.

– Marc de Jong