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Professional online shop contentFree of charge Joomla! component for Virtuemart & Textbroker

Textbroker - Professional online shop content

Perhaps you know the problem: You upload hundreds, if not thousands of new products in your online shop but you lack the time to create good description texts for all of the products. Same goes for description texts on category pages.

However, these texts are very important for two reasons. First, they are essential to your visitors so that they can inform themselves about your products and second, they are essential to increase findability of your shop in search engines. For search engines use these texte to better categorize your website. If search engines like Google can do this based on the texts, your website can be found significantly easier and chances of an increase in sales will grow considerably.

In cooperation with Textbroker we now provide relief and offer you a free of charge component which enables you to have your online shop content created by professional authors and to transfer it automatically into Virtuemart.

Professional content, transferred automatically

The free of charge Joomla! component enables you to order content for all your Virtuemart categories and products via the administration area of your Joomla! website.

For each individual order, you have the possibility to create various order templates which need to be considered by the authors regarding each particular text. After the author has created the content, it is transferred to your website via the Textbroker system and will be ready for your review there. If you like it, you can very easily approve it and it will be published automatically in Virtuemart.

Of course, you will not be charged for the content until you are satisfied with the content.

Feedback & Feature requests appreciated

The Textbroker Virtuemart component already offers many features which save you a lot of time and which can increase the success of your online shop. Nevertheless, the staff of both Textbroker and Yagendoo appreciate any feedback and every feature request for the extension, which will be included into the extension if there is reasonable demand.

Leave a comment here or contact Textbroker via e-mail or by phone under +44 1214 685 191.

You will find further information and a demo version of the extension here:

View demo All details  

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  • Gonzo Wednesday, 22 April 2015

    Was kosten denn solche Texte?

  • YannickS Monday, 27 April 2015

    Hallo Gonzo,

    eine Preisübersicht findest du hier:



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