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We create professional and
modern websites for you!

  • Websites & onlineshops for companies
  • Websites for towns & authorities
  • Websites for associations
  • Websites for individuals
yagendoo webdesign

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quote for the creation of a website.

We create websites that are able to actually achieve your defined goals. From basic planning to conceptualisation of the page structure to design to implementation and go-live, we are here for you as your reliable service provider and partner for all technical matters.

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Your ambitions are not subject to any limitations on our side. Whether you need an online shop, a website for advertising services, a website to present your association, authority or an individual, we will implement the technical basis for you, as well as providing a design for your project, if desired. In addition, we support you in every way possible in gaining a foothold on the internet and will be happy to accompany you along your road to success online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately it is not possible to provide a blanket answer to this question straight off, as the price depends on the time and effort involved in implementing your website. Smaller websites can be obtained from us from just € 500. Adaptations to existing websites are even cheaper. And there are no upward limits set on larger websites and online shops. Regardless, you can always count on us striving to provide you, the web design customer, with the best result at the fairest price.

The more precisely you describe your project, the fewer things we need to check back on. For example, the following details should be included in every request for quote:

- The purpose of your website. What is it about? Are you selling something? Do you just want to present something?
- Who is the website aimed at? What is your target group?
- Where does your target group come from? From the surrounding region? From Germany? From the EU? From all over the world?
- Do you already have an idea of how many sub-pages will be required on your website?
- Do you want to use a specific system to create your website? For example, Joomla or Wordpress?
- Do you have an idea of how your website should look? If so, please send us a few links to websites that correspond to what you like.
- If you already have a website and this is to be reworked, a link to this website would be very helpful.
- Is all of the content to be populated by us or are you going to take responsibility for creating content once the website structure is in place?
- The approximate budget that you have planned for. This helps us to be able to better estimate the quickest way for us to realise your project for you.
- Your contact details. Address, e-mail address and, ideally, a telephone number on which we can reach you.

Yes. We will be happy to work with your set design, and cooperate with your designer if applicable.

Our web design service specialises in Joomla!, Wordpress, stand-alone solutions, Virtuemart, JoomShopping, Shopware and Magento. However, we have sound knowledge of other systems and can therefore be flexible to meet your needs!

This depends entirely on how extensive the project is. This means that we can, unfortunately, only answer this question once you have given us your requirements. Generally speaking, we are able to begin implementation at relatively short notice, i.e. within a few days. Depending on capacity, however, it can be the case that we need around 14 days.

Yes. For customers for whom we provide technical support, we also provide the opportunity of having the website hosted directly with us. The following link will provide you with more information on web hosting. However, we must ask for your understanding in the fact that this service is only available to customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

We will be available to help and advise you even once your website has been completed. You can contact us for follow-up orders at any time, or conclude a maintenance contract straight away and therefore enjoy the all-round, worry-free package.

Yes. We are based in Cologne, but obviously do not only offer web design in Cologne and the surrounding area. You are welcome to visit our premises or we will come to you. Please feel free to tell us your wishes in your request for quote.