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Virtuemart update service

We update your Virtuemart while
you sit back and relax.

  • Creation of a back-up
  • Updating of Virtuemart
  • Identification & correction of errors
  • Second back-up after update
yagendoo Virtuemart Update Service
65,00 EUR
+19% tax for europeans without VAT-ID

Concentrate on making money and don't waste any time maintaining your Virtuemart shop, but still keep your Joomla! website secure and up-to-date!

How? With our Virtuemart update service. We take the stress off you and take care of the technical maintenance of your website when new Virtuemart updates appear. You can choose whether you want to use the service just once, or over a set period. We recommend that you book us over an extended period. This makes things cheaper for you as an average of 8 Virtuemart updates are released each year.

How does it work?

Step 1:
You order the update service.

Step 2:
We get in contact with you to find out what the website is and enter it into our update service database.

Step 3:
You send us the access details for your Joomla! back end and your FTP & database access.

Step 4:
To be on the safe side, we do a full back-up of your website.

Step 5:
We update your Virtuemart.

Step 6:
We do another full, up-to-date back-up of your website.

Step 7:
We test all of the functions of your Virtuemart installation in order to exclude any errors and send you confirmation by e-mail when the update has been successfully completed.

Step 8:
You are informed by e-mail that the update was carried out.

It is important to note that this is not a subscription. You always book for a fixed period only, or even just a single update. The update service does not extend automatically.

Please note that the update service can only be carried out if you have not made any manual changes to the Virtuemart code yourself. In addition, the update service does not include any upgrades/migrations to new major versions, as this generally involves migration of data. Feel free to chat to us before making a purchase!

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