Cachet for national and international acting shop operators

Operators who let their online shop mark with a certificated cachet creates an deeply authentic and trustful impression to their customers. Everybody who made a shopping tour in the web himself knows that it is always a balancing act between blind confidence and fear to be betrayed.

How can one know whether the shop in which one want to purchase the article is really serious or not at the first order? With serious we understand for example that privacy requirements are abided or that a secure SSL connection is build up if it deals with sensitive data as the back account or creditcard numbers.

Not only a secure handling of personal data but also the compliance of delivery times, payment after receiving the product instead of prepayment or an uncomplicated transaction of retours are extremely important for building up a familiar basis to an online shop. Online merchants shall heed exactly these points and think about being issued with such a "Trust certificate".

Such a cachet provides another advantage additionally to the created reliance of the customers: You don't stay only national but also international competitive.

You don't have a cachet, yet, or you don't know exactly which one is the best for your webshop? Then we have a selection of renowned cachets in the e-commerce area for all who provide their products also beyond their own national frontiers.

Trusted Shops

At the Internetworld 2012 Trusted Shops announced that one cooperates with the english dealership network IMRG (Interactive Media Retail Group) now. The in the UK popular ISIS seal and the far-reaching Trusted Shops seal form an unit and act following the slogan: "Two Trustmarks become One". The cooperation does not only bring benefits for the shop operator but also the consumers. With the in europe valid cachet operators of a webshop can expand their business activities and stay competitive. The e-commerce cachet ensures the final consumers of Trusted Shops also during the online purchase inland the EU more security, confidence und professionality compared to the respective providers. Who wants to show the leading cachet on his sites inland the EU as shop operator has to pass a test from Trusted Shops.

Euro Label

The Euro Label belongs - similar as Trusted Shops - to the international accepted cachets for online shops. Euro Label is a cooperation of multiple providers for cachets and is espacially known for its very intensive and strict verifications. Particularly business economists and business data processing specialists are put in place as inspectors who test the enterprises inter alia in the areas data security and quality. After successfully passing the examination process the cachet will be assigned for the duration of one year. Behind the cachet of the Euro Label stands in any case the internationally very famous highly valued EHI Retail Institute (formerly European Trade Institute).

TÜV seal

Also if you could think that the TÜV seal is valid in germany only in the first moment this certification for online shops is quite valued by the consumers beyond the german frontiers. Since the year 2001 the TÜV-South awards the cachet "s@fer-shopping" and thus creates a very special confidence for the consumers compared to the online merchant. Particularly the data protection and data security are verified but also the order process and the payment transaction are included. Once the cachet is assigned it is valid indefinitely - except you violate the funding guidelines or the catalogue of criteria in the yearly repeating check.

Google Trusted Stores

Also the search engine giant Google joins the providers of cachets and announced just recently its on confidence seal for online shops. The cachet "Google Trusted Stores" shall be placed conspicuous on the website of an online shop. In case that the potential customer of a webshop wants to receive further information or details regarding the trustworthiness of the shop they will be shown if you hover the logo of the button with your mouse cursor. In its list of criterias Google focuses on questions like for example:

  • How many orders arrive indeed at the customer within the by the shop predetermined period of time?
  • How fast does the service department react?
  • How much time does the shipping afford?

If a customer for example has problems, difficulties or discrepancies with the shop operator he can not only contact the operator of the webshop directly but also Google. Google even assumes up to 1000 USD of an order if it comes to problems with a webshop operator. From autumn this year the Google Trusted Shop seal is available in the USA, however a worldwide rollout is already planned. Germany may call on the cachet from next year on.

The benefits at a glance

A cachet which is assigned by a recognized certification body does not only bring advantages for the potential customer but also for the shop operators themselves. As the owner of a webshop a cachet is worth considering because:

  • the shop is checked by experts of the area e-commerce and judiciary exclusively
  • the cachet wins the confidence of the customers and therefore increases the revenue
  • legal errors can be prevented with the inspection and thus the risk of being warned decreases

In our view these benefits are conclusive enough to think about applying one of the listed cachets seriously. How do you handle the topic with the cachets? Do you already use one or did you at least deal with this topic?

Comments (6)

  1. Philipp Einecke

Hi Stefanie,

schöner Überblick zu den wichtigen Gütesiegeln. Ich denke auch, dass Anbieter den Nutzen dieser nicht unterschätzen sollten. Als Shop-Betreiber sollte man aber auch beachten, dass es enorm wichtig ist diese an der richtigen Stelle zu platzieren. Hierzu wurde Mitte September ein aus meiner Sicht interessantes Whitepaper - Der Conversion Header - von TRG veröffentlicht. Auf jeden Fall lesenswert! Selbstverständlich sind vertrauensbildende Siegel enorm wichtig, wenn sie aber potentiellen Kunden nicht sofort auffallen oder sogar gänzlich im Footer untergehen, dann erzielen auch diese nicht den gewünschten Effekt.

Konntet ihr diesbezüglich schon Erfahrungen sammeln? Vielleicht kann auch Yannick dazu etwas sagen. Soviel ich weiß, ist er ja auch mit einigen Projekten in dem Bereich unterwegs.

Grüße aus Leipzig,

  1. Tobias Conrad

Ich frage mich warum der Yagendoo Shop kein Gütesigel hat?
Danke für eine ehrliche Antwort.

Grüße aus Hamburg

  1. Yannick Spang

Hallo Tobias,

das liegt daran, dass wir virtuelle Güter verkaufen und damit bei den meisten Anbietern von Siegeln schon einmal von vornherein raus fallen.

Das TÜV-Siegel peilen wir für das nächste Jahr an. Seit Sommer arbeiten wir an einem Relaunch, der natürlich auch auf Dinge wie die Siegel Auswirkungen hat.

Du kennst das vielleicht, die eigene Webseite kommt immer zu kurz

Beste Grüße,

  1. Franz-Peter Scherer

Gütesiegel sind reine Geldmacherei. Shops, die Bezahlung über seriöse Zahlungsdienstleister anbieten wie Paypal, Moneybookers, Kauf auf Rechnung oder die gute alte Nachnahme anbieten, sichern die Kunden völlig ausreichend ab, da die Zahlungsdienstleister im Betrugsfall den Kunden das Geld zurückerstatten, bzw. der Kunde nur bei Lieferung bezahlt. Im Übrigen sichert ein solches Gütesiegel im Falle einer Insolvenz des Shop Betreibers die Kunden mitnichten ab.

  1. Yannick Spang   Franz-Peter Scherer

"Im Übrigen sichert ein solches Gütesiegel im Falle einer Insolvenz des Shop Betreibers die Kunden mitnichten ab."

Trusted Shops würde in einem solchen Fall einspringen. Darum schließt man als Kunde doch die Versicherung ab...!?

  1. Franz-Peter Scherer   Yannick Spang

Ich empfehle die Durchsicht folgender Seite:

Der Endkunde muss sich übrigens bzgl. Käuferschutz bei der Firma registrieren.

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