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Earn money by recommending our products to your friends & others.

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Here's how it works...

With the yagendoo Affiliate Programme for Virtuemart and JoomShopping templates, themes and extensions, you can earn good money by simply recommending our products to other people.

No matter whether you advertise our products in blogs, forums or on your website with our large selection of advertising materials, you will earn with every sale!

  • You receive 10-40% of the net purchase total
  • You receive 5 € just for registering for the partner programme
  • Pay-out takes place monthly as soon as your credit reaches 100 €
  • Advertising banners & other advertising materials available
  • All statistics can be viewed live
  • Special offers possible for premium partners
Fair remuneration scales!
Sales/month Remuneration/sale
1 - 10 10%
11 - 30 15%
31 - 50 20%
51 - 100 30%
100+ 40%
Frequently asked questions
Why should I become a partner of Yagendoo?  

Yagendoo Media was and is one of the first providers in the world to offer templates and extensions for Virtuemart and JoomShopping - we have been selling our products all over the world since 2008. As our partner, you will benefit from our name and prominence, meaning that you can expect good conversion rates and many concluded orders. In addition, if you are, for example, a web designer, you can benefit from your customers upon every purchase of our products. Our partner programme is completely free of charge for you. There are no catches, and there's all to gain and nothing to lose.

How and when will my credit be paid out?  

Your credit will be paid out monthly as soon as your credit has reached the pay-out threshold of € 100. The pay-out is made by means of Paypal or directly to your bank account.

How is the commission calculated?  

The commission depends on the number of sales that you generate each month. Here is an example:

Say you have generated 100 sales in a month and the shopping cart value of the orders was € 89.

100 sales x € 89 value of the order x 30% commission = € 2670.

You will get a cool € 2670 of commission for the sales generated by you.

How are my sales tracked?  

After they have clicked on your partner link, the affiliate cookies will be stored for 30 days on the computer of the potential customer. If a purchase is made on our website by this customer within 30 days, you will receive commission on the net shopping cart value of this order in accordance with your scale. The order is approved and paid within a security period of 4 weeks. If the purchase is not cancelled by the customer within these 4 weeks, the commission for this purchase will be credited to your Yagendoo account and paid out with the next accounting round.

I run a coupon website. Can I take part in the programme?  

Yes. You can take part in the programme, however we will closely monitor the quality of the traffic that you send to us. In the majority of cases, the commission of coupon affiliates is considerably reduced. We are happy to develop special offers with our premium partners that run coupon sites and provide individual coupon codes for this partner. If you have questions regarding the topic of coupon affiliates, simply get in touch!

Is it permitted for me to advertise my affiliate links using Adwords or other PPC services?  

No. Unfortunately it is not permitted to use programmes such as Google Adwords or others with our partner programme links. As a participant in our partner programme, it is not permitted for you to make offers with PPC providers using the brand name "Yagendoo" or the keywords of the Yagendoo product groups.